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We help people to gather and share their precious memories from all their guests in one place. Your special moments are not something to be missed.

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Unlimited Downloads

You can download the pics in your album any number of times!

Unlimited Guests

There is no limitation on number of guests who can upload and download pics to your album.

Share on Facebook

Share your photos directly on facebook and let your friends know about your enjoyment.

Add Filters to photos

Edit and beautify your photos after uploading !

Send Custom Messages to guests

Send updates about your occassion to all the guests who has visited your album

Receive printable invites

Receive a printable document to stick at your place and let guests know about your album

Add Captions to your uploads

Add captions to let your guests know about it's importance

Get Real Time Notifications

Get notified in real time about activities of your guests

We've got what you need!

PICnVIC is everything you need to make your life easier in collecting and sharing your special moments with all your guests. Get all your favourite photos without compromising quality.

How it works?

You create a new album after a trip or a wedding

An unique link and a passkey is shared with you after successful album creation

You can upload your photos and share the unique link among your guests or friends

Your guests can view and download your photos in their original quality and upload their photos taken at your occasion to the same album

So anyone who visits the album now can download all the photos taken by your guests in original quality and upload their photos as well.

All your special moments from your loved ones in one place available to everyone

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  • Unlimited Photos
  • Original quality unlimited downloads
  • 90 Days Validity
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Frequently Asked Questions!

Drop a mail to us if you have any other questions.

As soon as you create an album, printable invites with unique URL and QR code will be sent to you. These can be hanged or stuck at the function place. Your attended guests can scan the QR code and start uploading the photos.

You can even share the album url through whatsapp and facebook. This can be done using the "Share" option available in your album page.

All the photos uploaded to the album will be visible to anyone who visits the album. So your guests will be able to view and download each other's photos.

Absolutely yes! You can download the photos as many times as you want. There is no limit on downloads.

We offer unlimited guests. There is no such limit on number of guests.

You can always upgrade your album to the higher plan.

Yes. You can upgrade the plan using the "Upgrade" feature in album page.

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